Client Testimonials

“In the weeks immediately before the birth of my second child, I received several massages from Cheymoon, which had a deeply relaxing and calming effect. I was able to rest effectively after each massage (at the time I was finding it very hard to sleep due to the discomfort of late pregnancy) and felt much more positive and collected about the impending birth”. (Dr K. Eccles).

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“It was extremely helpful that Cheymoon was able to offer home visits in the evenings since I was breasfeeding my new baby at the time and would not have been able to access the treatments otherwise. The massage definitely helped me unwind and I noticed a reduction in muscular/ emotional tension immediately following the treatments. I was able to work in partnership with Cheymoon to find the most useful balance of oils so as not to be ‘knocked out’ but still to sleep more peacefully. I noticed that the following day I often felt more energised, which I believe was the result of having become more relaxed”. (Ms T. Care).

“My legs feel AMAZING this morning after a massage from Cheymoon O’Reilly! (She’s booked for every post-run recover session :))”.

(Mr N. Davis. – Following his post Snowdonia Mountain Marathon massage).

‘The full body massage was transformational. I appreciated the time that you spent with the consultation and felt that you understood my particular issues fully. I also appreciated the opportunity to pick my favourite oils and the combination of amazing smells was truly relaxing. I was able to drop an awful lot of the tension that had built up over the last couple of months and the awful knotting in my calves, thigh and neck muscles disappeared.  So much so that I was able to undertake a walk on the Miners Track up Snowdon two days later – something I am convinced I would not have been able to do without the treatment.
 I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for some support before or after walking, climbing or sports or just to speed the relaxation process whilst on holiday.
 Thank you once again – and if we come back to Llanberis again soon I will definitely be booking’. (Mrs P. Pottinger).