Aromatherapy Massage Treatments

The Aromatherapy Full Body Massage has been adapted in line with our Covid-19 infection control risk assessments. The maximum time of the treatment has been reduced to 1 hour to reduce the risk of infection from aerosol transmission. Therefore during the full body massage we have omitted the arms face and scalp to be able to stick to 1 hour.

Since the 13 of August 2020, we are now able to massage the area in front of the face including face and scalp so long as the client has a portable screen over their face during the treatment. If requiring face massage please let the therapist know at the time of booking to see if the portable screen is available that day. We can adapt the hour’s massage to include the face and scalp instead of another area of the body within the hour. For example back, neck, shoulders, arms hands, face and scalp could be done in the hour. Or back, neck, shoulders, feet, face and scalp.

The 1 Hour Adapted Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

This is a relaxing massage using a blend of essential oils tailor made to your needs. It covers the back, neck, shoulders and back of legs while lying on your front. Followed by the front of legs and feet while lying face up on the couch.

30 Minute Aromatherapy Back Massage.

This is a gentle light pressure relaxing back massage using a bespoke blend of essential oils.

Each Treatment will involve a free 20 minute confidential consultation to enable the therapist to take details of your medical history and lifestyle in order to choose a safe and beneficial blend of oils.

In line with our Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Policy, all consultations will take place on the telephone no more than 48 hours before the treatment. All clients will also need to complete a telephone Pre -Treatment covid- 19 screening questionnaire at the same time. They will be asked to take their temperature the morning of their treatment and asked to stay at home if the temperature is high, or sign to say that it is within the normal range when they arrive for their treatment. Thank you for your understanding.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage including Face and Scalp (90 Minutes)          £50 Currently Unavailable
Adapted Full Body Aromatherapy Massage without Face and Scalp (1 hour)             £45         
Back, Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage   (30 Minutes)                        £30
‘Massage’ Photo by:dMap Travel Guide on Flickr
  • Gift Vouchers not available at the moment to reduce the risk of infection. However pre- payment for treatments for a friend or a loved one can be done, and we can book them in as required. Please call 07974 235163 to order.

Please pay for treatments at least 24 hours in advance via bank transfer. We would like to avoid cash transactions to reduce risks of infection. Thankyou

  • Tailor made Aromatherapy blends of oils are available to buy. Perfect for Christmas presents. Safe blends can be made for pregnant or nursing mums.