The Treatment

Each session begins with a confidential consultation where the therapist will take some details about your medical history and lifestyle in order to choose the appropriate treatment and essential oils specific for your needs. Although Aromatherapy is suitable for most people, there are certain conditions whereby it would not be advisable to use massage or certain essential oils. A doctor’s permission is sometimes required. Your confidential records will be kept for future treatments.  Please allow an extra 20 minutes for this holistic consultation if it is your first treatment.

Consultations are currently being done over the telephone to reduce risk of infection from covid 19.

Photo by Valerie Knoblauch

Before The Massage

  •  Have a cool shower or bath.
  • Do not apply perfumes or deodorants.
  • Do not have a large, heavy meal, and avoid processed foods.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not have massage if you have flu or fever or have recently had an immunization or serious operation, however, once the worst is over let aromatherapy help your system back into balance.

During The Massage

For a full body massage (Back, Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands,  Shoulders, Neck and Face), the therapist will ask you to undress to your underwear (Knickers/ pants) in private, a selection of towels will be provided to ensure your modesty at all times. Only the part of the body that is being massaged at the time will be exposed.

For a Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arms and Face massage, you will be required to undress to the waist only, towels are again used to ensure your modesty at all times. You will be provided with pillows and the temperature of the room can be adjusted for your comfort.

After The Massage

  •  Drink a glass of water immediately after the treatment and drink plenty of still mineral water and mild herbal teas for the rest of the day – it will help to eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Allow your body to rest to enable the full therapeutic benefit of the oils to take effect.
  • Keep oils on for 8 hours if possible, to gain the maximum therapeutic benefit from the oils.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking.
  • Do not lie in the sun or use a sun bed for one or two days – some oils can cause photosensitivity.
  •  Eat a light meal and avoid heavy or processed food for the rest of the day.
  •  If you feel any skin irritation after treatment, wash the affected area immediately.
  • Sometimes the detoxifying process can cause some slight nausea, &/or headaches, drinking plenty of water should avoid this.
  • Take a little time after the massage to ground yourself, as you may feel a little light headed immediately afterwards.